Pillow Combos That Work - colorful mix
1. Vientiane Ikat Coral, Nitik II Turquoise on Tint, Iznik Oasis Santorini
2. Orchid Velvet, Heat Wave Palm, Orangerie Rose
3. Sayre Opal, Golden Yellow Velvet, Mirasol Linen, Betwixt Grass
4. Zig Zag Navy, Chiang Mai Aquamarine, Chinois Fret Celadon and Ivory, Rust Velvet
5. Emerald Green Velvet, Bukhara Ikat Emerald & Peacock, Peacock Velvet



For more pillow combo ideas, check out our Pillow Combos We Love Gallery or our How to Mix and Match Pillows Guide. If you'd like to see how any of these, or any of our other pillows, would look like in your space, send us a photo and we'll do a free digital mock-up. Please reference the number of the combo (or name of the pillows) you would like to see. 

If you haven't already be sure to also to get our handy pillow size cheat sheets by clicking below.

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May 02, 2017 by Arianna Vargas