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Godmorgon Makeup Organizer

Loving the this little box from Ikea.  So perfect for organizing a makeup drawer. It compartmentalizes and gives a home to mascara, lipstick, nailpolish, etc. so they’re accessible and easy to find. Here it is in action:

image credit: Style at Home via Marcus Design 
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Bathroom Shelving

Adding shelves in the bathroom can be a great small space solution. They allow you to maximize storage by utilizing vertical wall space, and they provide a great spot for extra towels, soaps, toilet paper, other bath products, and decorative objects:

image credits: 1- photography by douglas friedman , 2- design by heather garrett, 3- design by laura cattano 

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Hair Dryer & Curling Iron Storage

Loving this mountable acrylic organzier for stowing away hair tools and keeping them from creating clutter in the bathroom. This one also looks like a good option.

image credit: domino
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Trays for Controlling Bathroom Clutter

If you like having your products out where you can see ‘em, (as opposed to inside a cabinet or a drawer), consider using a tray to contain them. They look so much neater in a tray than when they’re spread out everywhere, and, especially when the product packaging is pretty, can look like a beautiful little vignette.
Also, since a tray gives you boundaries to work with, it can help you edit down your products to just what you actually use on a regular basis.
image credits: 1-photography by lucas allen for domino via brides ; 2-into the gloss
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The Stacking Componibili

Compact in size, and made of plastic, the cylindrical “Componibili” Kartell unit is a stylish option for adding storage in a small bathroom. Although it was designed over forty years ago, it looks just as beautifully modern today as it did back then. Perfect for hiding unattractive grooming supplies, feminine products, extra toilet paper, and other items that might otherwise visually clutter the space.

image credits: 1-photography by melanie acevedo as seen in domino , 2-marie claire maison via kartell

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Two Lovely Baths

The combination of pretty wallpaper and a beautiful white tub near a window, makes these bathrooms look like a dream…
The perfect place for a de-stressing bubble bath, don’t you think?
image credits: 1-photography by erin monett as seen in pure green magazine, photography by debi treloar as seen in the book Decorate, via oh joy
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Chevron Bath Floors

For all you chevron fans out there, check out the fabulous floors in these luxurious bathrooms:

Do you think the black and white make it classic or do you think the pattern is trendy and will soon make it look out of style?

image credit: interior design by greg natale
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Tangerine in the Bath

Usually I’m drawn to bathrooms in soft, soothing colors, but I’m loving the punch of tangerine in these. I bet the color serves as a nice litte pick me up in the mornings!
image credits: 1, 2, 3
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After a weekend spent wrapping up a long-term project, running errands, enjoying the yummiest of home-cooked meals, and taking moments to relax and recharge, I’m ready to start a fresh week…
Happy Monday!
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Wallpapered Bathroom Cabinet

As one who loves attention to detaill, little projects like this one featured in Instyle make me smile. Doesn’t it look so pretty? Such a great idea for using leftover pieces of wallpaper too!
P.S. I previously posted about another Instyle Pretty Project -check it out here!
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