Most high-end decorative fabrics are not designed to be washed at home and because of this, professional cleaning is recommended for the majority of our pillows (*see exceptions below)

For general care, we recommend lightly brushing your pillows with an upholstery brush (such as this one) about once a month to remove surface dust and grime and prevent it from settling in. To minimize fading, keep away from direct sunlight.  

The Laundress Upholstery Brush | Designer Pillows Care Tips

brush for general pillow care

*Pillows made of 100% acrylic fabric like our Solid with Grosgrain Ribbon pillows, can be cleaned with mild soap and water (click here for a detailed cleaning guide). Pillows with a cleaning code of W or W-S (which is noted in the individual product descriptions) can be cleaned with water based cleaners.

Click here for a round-up of our most family-friendly pillows which includes those made of 100% acrylic fabric, those with a cleaning code of W or W-S, and those with a soil and stain repellent finish.