3 Art and Pillow Combinations - Featuring Parima Studio

If you have a good foundation, sometimes new art and pillows are all you need to breathe new life into a space and completely transform it. All art pieces below are by my very talented sister Patricia Vargas of Parima Studio.

Art and Pillow Combination Featuring Art from Parima Studio and Pillows from Arianna Belle | Emerald
Art: Emerald
Pillows from left to right: 1- Glimmer Peacock, 2- Kubus Gold, 3- Peacock Velvet (the Peacock Linen would also work well), 4- Champagne Velvet
Art and Pillow Combination Featuring Art from Parima Studio and Pillows from Arianna Belle | Grasslands
Pillows from left to right: 1- Latte Velvet, 2- Hot House Mineral, 3- Slate Blue Velvet, 4- Les Touches Tan

Art and Pillow Combination Featuring Art from Parima Studio and Pillows from Arianna Belle | Mirage
Art: Mirage
Pillows from left to right: 1- Trotwood Beacon Hill, 2- Aquamarine Textured, 3- Orange Linen, 4- Les Touches Orange
by Arianna Vargas

1 Pillow, 5 Ways: Trotwood Beacon Hill

We just added a brand new pillow to our shop -  the Trotwood Beacon Hill.  One of the things I love about it, is that because it's multi-colored, it can be styled several different ways.  You can play up the colors for a bright and cheerful look, or go the opposite route for a calmer more serene look. To give you some ideas, below are five different done-for-you combos.
1 Pillow, 5 Ways: Trotwood Beacon Hill | Done-for-You Pillow Combinations by Arianna Belle
by Arianna Vargas

La Fiorentina Black Featured in HGTV Magazine

We're so excited to see our La Fiorentina Black pillows on the cover of this month's issue of HGTV magazine! 🎉 You'll also find us on page 14.


by Arianna Vargas

Pillow Combination Ideas for the Tilbury Teal and Green Ikat

1 Pillow, 6 Ways | Designer Pillow Combination Ideas for the Tilbury Teal Ikat | Arianna Belle


Featured pillow: Tilbury Teal and Green Ikat

Row 1 left: Glimmer Gold

Row 1 right: Les Touches Green

Row 2 left: Les Touches Tan

Row 2 right: Teal Velvet

Row 3 left: Golden Yellow Velvet

Row 3 right: Leaf Green Velvet

Check out our Pillow Combination Gallery for more ideas! 
by Arianna Vargas

5 Self Care Ideas That Don't Require A Lot of Time

5 Self Care Ideas: Elevate Your Hydration | beautiful blue glass with lemon water

1. Elevate Your Hydration 

Use a beautiful glass and add a few mint leaves or slices of fruit to your water. I find that when I do this it makes me want to drink more water versus feeling like it's a chore. 

2. Go Outside

In this era of work-from-home, it can be easy to stay indoors all day long.  Incorporate some fresh air and sunshine within your existing routine by doing little things like drinking your morning coffee on the porch, taking a short walk around the block or sitting in your backyard when chatting on the phone with friends and family. 

3. Listen to a Wellness Podcast or Audiobook

One of the many things I love about podcasts and audiobooks is that I can listen to them while driving or doing mundane chores.  Here are few great ones to check out that will leave you feeling good: Oprah's Super SoulRadical CompassionThe School of Self Image

4. Engage All Five Senses 

Create a sense of comfort and well-being by setting up your surroundings in a way that engages all your senses. Here are a few ideas:

  • Sight: keep fresh flowers in places where you tend to spend the most time, like your desk 
  • Taste: drink healing teas with a bit of raw honey. I love these.
  • Hearing: music always lifts my mood. I've found some good playlists on the Calm app and lately I've been listening to them while doing my morning and evening routines. I also love playing these while working or reading. 
  • Touch: invest in luxurious textiles for your sofa or bed. I particularly love velvet pillows because they're so soft. 
  • Smell: add a few essential oil drops into a diffuser. Lavender is always a go-to for me but there are so many great ones. 

5. Show Up for Yourself Moment to Moment

Whether that's attending the yoga class that you put on your calendar, finishing up the decorating project you started last year, or actually eating all the beautiful veggies you brought home from the farmer's market, honor your own plans and desires by showing up for what you said you'd do. Have your own back.

by Arianna Vargas
Tags: self-care

A Summer Mood Board and Our Newest Addition

Our latest addition is a lively leaf motif pillow that's putting us in a summer mood... envisioning sun filled afternoons by the water, al fresco dining, and wine with friends...

Summer Mood Board featuring Fig Leaf Green designer luxury pillow | Arianna Belle



Boardwalk Stripe Sand Designer Pillow Marine Blue Velvet Designer Pillow  Les Touches Aqua Decorative Accent Pillow

Boardwalk Stripe Sand  |  Marine Blue Velvet  |  Les Touches Aqua


by Arianna Vargas
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How to Layer Decorative Pillows on a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas can sometimes be tricky to style. Based on our experience though, we've found that in most cases, three layers of pillows usually works really well. 

Below is a look at a sectional that we recently helped transform and our tips to help you choose the best options for your own sofa. 


Start with a first layer of one pillow on each corner.

Fabric: Choose either a solid or a small scale print. For this sofa we went with the Les Touches Orange.

Size: Measure (or find out from the manufacturer) the seating height of your sofa and add 3 to 5 inches to that to get your optimal pillow size*. The seating height of this particular sofa is 16 inches, so the optimal pillow size is 19x19 to 21x21. We opted for the larger 21x21 size for a more luxurious look. 

*Exception: if your sofa has a high back, don't go larger than 24x24.

How to Layer Decorative Pillows on a Sectional Sofa | Layer 1


For the next layer, add another pillow on each corner.

Fabric: Choose a medium or large scale pattern. For this sofa we went with the two variations of the Hot House Spark - the one with the blue flower for the left and right corners of the sofa and the one with the orange flower for the middle corner. 

Size: Go for pillows that are 1 to 3 inches smaller than the pillows in Layer 1. Here we went with 20x20 pillows (1 inch smaller). 

How to Layer Decorative Pillows on a Sectional Sofa | The 2nd Layer


To finish it off, add a lumbar on the longest side of the sectional. If both sides are a similar length, place it in the middle corner. 

Fabric: Choose a fabric that pulls out one of the colors in the other pillows and/or coordinates with other accessories in the room. Here we went with the Peacock Velvet, which pulls out some of the blue in the Hot House Spark and also coordinates with a lamp in a nearby side table. 

Size: Opt for a pillow that's 10 to 14 inches tall and a similar width as the other pillows. We went with size 11x19

How to Layer Decorative Pillows on a Sectional Sofa | The 3rd Layer

That's it!

I hope you found this helpful. If you'd like styling and sizing recommendations for your specific sofa, we encourage you to sign up for a Mini Design Consult. You can learn more about that here.

arianna belle designer pillow combination on sectional sofa - Peacock Velvet,  Hot House Spark, Les Touches Orange | Home of Natalie Steen




Mini Design Consults - Get Pillow Recommendations for Your Specific Sofa - Learn More at ariannabelle.com | Sofa with Decorative Pillows


Photos courtesy of Natalie Steen

A Chic and Serene Bedroom

To achieve a bedroom that's both chic and serene, New Yorker Erika Fox kept it simple. She used three of our Luxe Cloud Pearl pillows in size 22x22 on her king size bed, then layered two 13x19 Solid with Grosgrain Ribbon Border lumbars in front.

Chic Black and White Minimalist Bedroom That Feels Serene | Arianna Belle Pillows | home of Erika Fox

We love how the white pillows add texture and elegant coziness while the black bordered pillows add an impactful graphic element.  

Erika previously had these on a queen size bed which also worked well because the three larger pillows spanned the full width of the bed. If you'd like the three pillows in the back to take up the full width of a king bed, I'd recommend getting size 26x26 and then doing the front lumbars in size 14x22.




by Arianna Vargas

Why Home Decor Matters

Home Sanctuary | Arianna Belle Les Touches Pillows | Dining Space Designed by 22 Interiors | Photography by Tessa Neustadt

When you surround yourself with things that you love and feel like you, it's a form of self care.

Tonya Leigh, host of one of my favorite podcasts, said it beautifully:

"Your home is your sanctuary. It’s your space to thrive. When you take care of your surroundings, you inevitably take care of your soul."

Notice how you currently feel in your space.

How is it affecting your energy?

Your mood?

Your self-image?

Your self-worth?

By taking a moment to become aware of these effects, you can empower yourself to shape your daily experience. You can decide on purpose that you want to see yourself as a person who is deserving of beauty, who cares about her surroundings, and really cherishes quality things.

You can choose to make simple yet powerful changes, like bringing in fresh flowers into your home every week, or something bigger like completely redecorating.

Whatever you do, I hope you take pleasure in engaging in the beautiful practice of creating an atmosphere of your own design that supports your well-being.


image credit: design by 22 Interiors, photography by Tessa Neustadt | pillows featured on banquette: Les Touches Green and Les Touches Black




by Arianna Vargas