How to Layer Decorative Pillows on a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas can sometimes be tricky to style. Based on our experience though, we've found that in most cases, three layers of pillows usually works really well. 

Below is a look at a sectional that we recently helped transform and our tips to help you choose the best options for your own sofa. 


Start with a first layer of one pillow on each corner.

Fabric: Choose either a solid or a small scale print. For this sofa we went with the Les Touches Orange.

Size: Measure (or find out from the manufacturer) the seating height of your sofa and add 3 to 5 inches to that to get your optimal pillow size*. The seating height of this particular sofa is 16 inches, so the optimal pillow size is 19x19 to 21x21. We opted for the larger 21x21 size for a more luxurious look. 

*Exception: if your sofa has a high back, don't go larger than 24x24.

How to Layer Decorative Pillows on a Sectional Sofa | Layer 1


For the next layer, add another pillow on each corner.

Fabric: Choose a medium or large scale pattern. For this sofa we went with the two variations of the Hot House Spark - the one with the blue flower for the left and right corners of the sofa and the one with the orange flower for the middle corner. 

Size: Go for pillows that are 1 to 3 inches smaller than the pillows in Layer 1. Here we went with 20x20 pillows (1 inch smaller). 

How to Layer Decorative Pillows on a Sectional Sofa | The 2nd Layer


To finish it off, add a lumbar on the longest side of the sectional. If both sides are a similar length, place it in the middle corner. 

Fabric: Choose a fabric that pulls out one of the colors in the other pillows and/or coordinates with other accessories in the room. Here we went with the Peacock Velvet, which pulls out some of the blue in the Hot House Spark and also coordinates with a lamp in a nearby side table. 

Size: Opt for a pillow that's 10 to 14 inches tall and a similar width as the other pillows. We went with size 11x19

How to Layer Decorative Pillows on a Sectional Sofa | The 3rd Layer

That's it!

I hope you found this helpful. If you'd like styling and sizing recommendations for your specific sofa, we encourage you to sign up for a Mini Design Consult. You can learn more about that here.

arianna belle designer pillow combination on sectional sofa - Peacock Velvet,  Hot House Spark, Les Touches Orange | Home of Natalie Steen




Mini Design Consults - Get Pillow Recommendations for Your Specific Sofa - Learn More at | Sofa with Decorative Pillows


Photos courtesy of Natalie Steen

Before and After: Four Inspiring Bedroom Transformations

Is it just me, or is there something really satisfying about seeing a good before and after? It's probably why all those HGTV makeover shows are so addictive! Below is a little round-up of four beautiful bedroom transformations that will inspire you to make over your own space.

Designer: Kristin Jackson


Before and After: Bedroom makeover by designer Kristin Jackson / pillows from Arianna Belle


Before and After: Bedroom makeover by designer Kristin Jackson / pillows from Arianna Belle

blue pillows, front to back: Pyne Hollyhock Indigo in size 22x22, Betwixt Indigo Blue in size 20x26, similar blue velvets

Pyne Hollyhock Indigo Blue Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle  Betwixt Indigo Blue Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle   Midnight Blue Velvet Designer Pillow  | Arianna Belle


Designer: Naomi Stein


Before & After - Guest Bedroom designed by Naomi Stein


Before & After - Bedroom designed by Naomi Stein with long lumbar pillow from Arianna Belle Before and After - bedroom makeover - designer Naomi Stein - Arianna Belle Imperial Trellis Blush long lumbar pillow

light pink patterned pillow on bed: Imperial Trellis Blush in size 15x25

Imperial Trellis Blush Pink Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle

Designer: Megan Pflug

BEFORE... Before & After - designed by Megan Pflug


Before & After - bedroom - designed by Megan Pflug with pillows from Arianna Belle

black and white geometric lumbar pillows on bed: Channels Ebony and Ivory in size 11x19

Channels Ebony and Ivory Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle

Designer: Megan Bachmann


Before & After - a bedroom by Megan Bachmann


Before & After - bedroom designed by Megan Bachmann / photography by Vivian Johnson

Before and After - Bedroom designed by Megan Bachmann with ochre golden yellow velvet pillows from Arianna Belle

ochre lumbar pillows: Golden Yellow Velvet in size 12x24

Golden Yellow Velvet Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle


photo credits: 1 - design by Naomi Stein, photography by Courtney Apple / 2 - design by Kristin Jackson / 3- design by Megan Pflug, photography by Manuel Rodriguez / 4- design by Megan Bachmann, photography by Vivian Johnson 


by Arianna Vargas

A White Bedroom That Isn't Plain

This bedroom in the home of blogger Monika Hibbs, is a great example of how to add interest while still keeping things calm and neutral. 

Pyne Hollyhock designer pillows from Arianna  Belle on white bed | bedroom of Monika Hibbs
Two key things to note
  • There's a variety of textures, not everything is flat and smooth - notice the texture of the duvet vs. the rattan headboard vs. the linen lampshades.
  • There's one standout pattern (the floral pillows in front) and a couple of subtler non-competing patterns (the wallpaper and the polka dotted sheet set)

Shop the Look:

Pyne Hollyhock Charcoal

photos courtesy of Monika Hibbs


Cheat Sheets

by Arianna Vargas

Puppies & Pillows

With today being National Dog Day, we thought I'd be fun to do a round-up of customer photos featuring their sweet pups. Enjoy! 

Tucker @dear_kcs 

Leopard Velvet pillow

Sage @larkandlinen
Mylo @jaymetep // @ckrusa
Berkley @stepheniewatts
Hope @drivenbydecor
Maggie @cassiesugarplum
Maddie @scoutstudiosokc // Lydia @thechicagolifeblog
Nacho @jillian.harris // Mia @sarahkaylove
Have a photo to share? Tag us on Instagram and you could be featured in a future round-up!
by Arianna Vargas

As Seen in Style At Home Magazine

Recently we had the honor of seeing our pillows featured in the print magazine Style at Home, as part of a story showcasing the chic home of interior designer Sarah Walker. She had transformed the living room and other spaces within the main floor as part of the One Room Challenge. Below is a look:


I love how Sarah combined various patterns without making the space feel overwhelming by differing the scale and sticking to a consistent color palette. 


The perfect coffee table accessories: a beautiful tray, a luxury candle, an organic element and fresh flowers. 


The classic Leopard Velvet pillow (size 20x20) adds the perfect touch of animal print.  


The metallic Kubus Argent pillows (size 20x20) on the two accent chairs are a luxurious accent. 


The clear acrylic ghost chairs are a modern complement to the rustic wood table. 


A colorful fresh floral arrangement makes a beautiful dining table centerpiece.  

The magazine feature:

Style at Home Magazine January 2017 page 64 featuring Arianna Belle leopard velvet pillow and space designed by Sarah Walker

Style at Home Magazine January 2017 pgs 62-63

Shop the Look

Leopard Velvet Pillow Arianna Belle     Kubus Argent Pillow Arianna Belle    

Leopard Velvet / Kubus Argent / Channels Ebony & Ivory


photographs of Sarah's home by Larry Arnal

A Cozy Bed Nook

Our Conga Line Moss & Aqua pillows in this super cozy bed nook by designer Jillian Harris, as featured in Style at Home Magazine.  Looks like the perfect spot for a nap!

photo credit: Janis Nicolay

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Conga Line Moss & Aqua
by Arianna Vargas

Decorator Spotlight: Brooke Cariker Inabnett

Today I'm sharing with you a couple of favorites from the portfolio of the Dallas based decorating firm, The Interior Stylist. Owner Brooke Cariker Inabnett, creates sophisticated spaces with an emphasis on clean lines layered with modern, personalized touches.

For more, head on over to her website!

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Inside the Home of HGTV's Jillian Harris

I first become familiar with Jillian Harris via the addicting HGTV show Love It or List It, but I really fell in love with her aesthetic via her regular posts on instagram and her blog. I was so excited to see a tour of her Kelowna home. Here's a look: 

Light and bright. 

Our Leopard Linen pillow in her beautiful living room!

Chandeliers glam up the white kitchen.

Perfect spot for a morning cup of coffee.

For more of Jillian's home (including her cozy outdoor dining space that made it on the cover!), check out the May issue of Style at Home Magazine (available at newsstands as well as online via Zinio). Spot our Leopard Linen pillow on page 108!

p.s. Click here to see Jillian's living room styled up for the holidays with our Conga Line Moss and Aqua pillow.

photos by Janis Nicolay


Our Leopard Pillows in Domino Magazine

So grateful that our Leopard Velvet pillow is in the pages of a magazine I have absolutely loved since it came out years ago and really deepened my passion for decorating and design –Domino!! See it in the spread featuring my friend (and cover girl!) Paloma Contreras’s beautiful Texas home – in the guest bedroom and in the living room.

Professional photographs by Brittany Ambridge for Domino

Perfect Pillow Pairing: Leopard + Channels

Love this pairing of our Leopard Velvet and Channels Ebony and Ivory pillows that Julia of Gal Meets Glam chose for her living room. A full tour of her beautiful San Francisco home is featured on Style Me Pretty Living this week. 

photography by Monica Wang

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    Leopard Velvet                         Channels Ebony and Ivory