A question we often get is, how do you mix and match fabrics to create a pillow combination that works?

While there are many ways, the easiest and simplest way is to combine a solid, a large-scale pattern and a small-scale pattern. Make it even easier by starting with a multi-color pillow to guide your color palette

Below is a chart with some examples of this put into practice. Hope you find it helpful!

How to Mix and Match Pillows - A Simple and Easy Formula | Arianna Belle Blog

Combo 1 - Aegean Velvet + Hot House Mineral + Leopard Linen
Combo 2 - Black Performance Velvet + Graffito Linen + Chalet Cream and Black
Combo 3 - Red Velvet + Dzhambul Susani Multi + Celine Beige
Combo 4 - Cream Linen with Muted Aqua Fretwork Trim + Greek Key Cut Velvet Muted Aqua + Spotted Muted Aqua
Combo 5 - Luxe Cloud Pearl + Anshun Paprika and Blue Floral + Pale Pink Linen with Greek Key Trim 
Combo 6 - Glimmer Peacock + Cornelia Navy + Boardwalk Stripe Sand
Combo 7 - Chambray Blue Lightweight Linen + Adeline Blue + Lorna Blue 
Combo 8 - Magenta Cotton-Linen + Sinhala Linen Jewel + Les Touches Tan
Combo 9 - Jade Green Velvet + Chiang Mai Alabaster + Betwixt Indigo Blue
Combo 10 - Shimmer Beige and Gold + Peacock Garden Turquoise + White with Gold Fretwork Trim

In future posts, we'll go over some more advanced methods of combining pillows - stay tuned! 

March 26, 2018 by Arianna Vargas