Continuing our series in which we spotlight some of our favorite interior designers, today we are featuring Stephanie Giesbrecht of Stephanie Jean Design who is known for creating fresh, clean, bright interiors. Stephanie works with residential clients in Vancouver and surrounding cities, but also offers e-design services. Read on for a Q&A with her and a look at some of the beautiful inviting spaces she has created. 

Q: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

A: Classic with a fresh take.  My favourite spaces are clean, bright and inviting.

Q: How did you get into design?

A: I grew up with an appreciation for quality workmanship and good design.  I was fortunate to get to work on the homes of family and friends as well as work with and learn from amazing local designers.  My business has grown out of these opportunities.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a designer?

A: Working with my clients to create a beautiful space they love to call home.

Q: What do you do when you have a creative block?

A:  I know everyone says it but there really is no end to the inspiration you can find on Pinterest and Instagram.  I also go through photos of things that have inspired me along the way whether it be from somewhere local or a previous trip.

Q: What keeps you sane?

A:  Time with family and friends

Q: What helps you stay organized?

A:  Lists, I write absolutely everything down.  It's satisfying to cross off completed tasks throughout the day and helps to clear my mind before finishing up for the night.

grey pillow: Poetical Grey

Q: No home is complete without...

A:  Textiles - adding decorative pillows and draperies really finish off a room and make it cozy and personal.

Q: What's a color you never tire of?

A: Blue

Q: What's your go-to pillow size?

A: 22x22

pillows on bed: Pyne Hollyhock Charcoal

Q: Are you a morning or night person?

A: I've always been a night person; as a mom it's been helpful to be able to get more accomplished once the house is quiet for the evening

1. No-regrets home splurge:  Lighting - the right scale and design is worth the higher cost (shown: Jacqueline Two-Tier Chandelier)

2. Guilty pleasure: Miss Vickie's salt and vinegar chips 

3. Travel destination: Right now I'm dreaming of sunshine, warmth and the beach so Hawaii sounds like the perfect getaway.

4. Flower: Lilacs - they not only look pretty but smell heavenly.

5. Favorite Arianna Belle pillows: Pyne Hollyhock Indigo - one of my favourite patterns; Citysquare Mistymorn -soft, neutral tones; Navy Velvet - works with almost any pillow combination

6. Luxury candle:  A local company, Vancouver Candle Co, has great scents - my favourite right now is "Atlantic

7. Set Design: Nancy Meyers films - The Holiday, The Intern, It's Complicated...what's not to love!

4. Go-to paint color: White Dove - Benjamin Moore; the perfect warm white that isn't too cream or yellow

8. Design book: Nancy Braithwaite: Simplicity - I have this one on my own coffee table.

9. Everyday outfit: We get a lot of rain in Vancouver so jeans, boots and an oversized sweater

10. Design tip: Choose classic styles in neutral colours for your main furniture pieces and you will always be able to update them by switching out your accessories


To learn more about Stephanie, visit her website and Instagram profile: 


Instagram: @stephaniejeandesign

photography by: Tracey Ayton


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