5 Tips for Choosing Pillows When You Want a Chic Kid-Proof Room

Interior Designer Lee Waters

Never afraid to embrace a little edge and quirk, our designer friend Lee Waters is an expert at crafting bold homes for families who are ready to add more fun, funk, and function to their lives. Below she shares with us her tips for choosing pillows when you want a room that's stylish and chic but also very livable and family-friendly. 

Olive Green Velvet Sectional Sofa with Decorative Pillows | Design by Lee Waters Interior DesignerPhoto credit: Khand Tenney Photography

Photo credit: Gordon Gregory Photo


  1. Get a patterned pillow fabric. Marks can be camouflaged when they invariably appear, as they do.

  2. Get your pillow fabric on both sides instead of having a solid-backed option. Then should something irreparable happen, you can flip!

  3. Kid-friendly materials, could be performance, like Crypton or Sunbrella, or fabrics with synthetic fibers like polyester. Another great option is high quality velvets with a soil-resistant finish and a high durability rating.

  4. If you have linen blend fabrics, spray covers with ScotchGuard to help liquids bead up and protect against stains.

  5. Don't be afraid to invest in some beautiful pillow covers because you're teaching your kids to live with beautiful things, it will add joy to your life every time you see them, and if mom's happy, everyone's happy.

LEE'S PILLOW PICKS Pillow Combination - Leopard Velvet, Plum Luxe Velvet, Sinhala Linen Jewel | Lee Waters's Pillow Picks

Leopard Velvet | Plum Luxe Velvet | Sinhala Linen Jewel

 Adras Ikat Blue and GreenJade Green Velvet | Chiang Mai Alabaster


Vanderbilt Velvet Black | Orange Linen | Jungle Jet


Make sure to follow her on Instagram and learn more about her interior design services by visiting her website. Lee also teaches an on-demand design course called Take Back Your Home for anyone ready to stop being a #mommymartyr at home.

Photo credit: Gordon Gregory Photo

3 Art and Pillow Combinations - Featuring Parima Studio

If you have a good foundation, sometimes new art and pillows are all you need to breathe new life into a space and completely transform it. All art pieces below are by my very talented sister Patricia Vargas of Parima Studio.

Art and Pillow Combination Featuring Art from Parima Studio and Pillows from Arianna Belle | Emerald
Art: Emerald
Pillows from left to right: 1- Glimmer Peacock, 2- Kubus Gold, 3- Peacock Velvet (the Peacock Linen would also work well), 4- Champagne Velvet
Art and Pillow Combination Featuring Art from Parima Studio and Pillows from Arianna Belle | Grasslands
Pillows from left to right: 1- Latte Velvet, 2- Hot House Mineral, 3- Slate Blue Velvet, 4- Les Touches Tan

Art and Pillow Combination Featuring Art from Parima Studio and Pillows from Arianna Belle | Mirage
Art: Mirage
Pillows from left to right: 1- Trotwood Beacon Hill, 2- Aquamarine Textured, 3- Orange Linen, 4- Les Touches Orange
by Arianna Vargas

1 Pillow, 5 Ways: Trotwood Beacon Hill

We just added a brand new pillow to our shop -  the Trotwood Beacon Hill.  One of the things I love about it, is that because it's multi-colored, it can be styled several different ways.  You can play up the colors for a bright and cheerful look, or go the opposite route for a calmer more serene look. To give you some ideas, below are five different done-for-you combos.
1 Pillow, 5 Ways: Trotwood Beacon Hill | Done-for-You Pillow Combinations by Arianna Belle
by Arianna Vargas

Pillow Combination Ideas for the Tilbury Teal and Green Ikat

1 Pillow, 6 Ways | Designer Pillow Combination Ideas for the Tilbury Teal Ikat | Arianna Belle


Featured pillow: Tilbury Teal and Green Ikat

Row 1 left: Glimmer Gold

Row 1 right: Les Touches Green

Row 2 left: Les Touches Tan

Row 2 right: Teal Velvet

Row 3 left: Golden Yellow Velvet

Row 3 right: Leaf Green Velvet

Check out our Pillow Combination Gallery for more ideas! 
by Arianna Vargas

A Chic and Serene Bedroom

To achieve a bedroom that's both chic and serene, New Yorker Erika Fox kept it simple. She used three of our Luxe Cloud Pearl pillows in size 22x22 on her king size bed, then layered two 13x19 Solid with Grosgrain Ribbon Border lumbars in front.

Chic Black and White Minimalist Bedroom That Feels Serene | Arianna Belle Pillows | home of Erika Fox

We love how the white pillows add texture and elegant coziness while the black bordered pillows add an impactful graphic element.  

Erika previously had these on a queen size bed which also worked well because the three larger pillows spanned the full width of the bed. If you'd like the three pillows in the back to take up the full width of a king bed, I'd recommend getting size 26x26 and then doing the front lumbars in size 14x22.




by Arianna Vargas

1 Sofa, 3 Looks

Homeowner Tamara Anka used pillows to easily change the look and feel of her living room. Below are the 3 different looks she's created. Which one is your favorite?

LOOK 1: Coastal Chic

 Coastal Chic Blue Designer Pillows from Arianna Belle

pillows shown L to R: Les Touches Blue, Wide Stripe Ocean, Huntington Gardens Blue


LOOK 2: Warm, Rich and Luxe

pillows shown L to R: Midnight Blue Velvet, Channels Blue, Les Touches Tan, Shimmer Beige and Gold




LOOK 3: Casual and Light  

pillows shown L to R: Lorna Blue, Chambray Blue Linen, Adeline Blue



1 Sofa 3 Looks | Arianna Belle Pillows
Want some personalized advice on what pillows to get for your sofa? Click here to learn about our Mini Digital Design Consults
by Arianna Vargas

Designer Pillow Combination Ideas

Stuck trying to figure out what pillows to get for your living room? We've created seven combinations below to inspire you. Perhaps one of them will be exactly what your sofa needs! Scroll down to the bottom for the links to each pillow shown. 

7 designer pillow combinations that work

Want some personalized pillow combo recommendations and mock ups of what they'd look like in your space? Click here to learn about our Mini Digital Design Consults

by Arianna Vargas

Shop the Look: A Luxurious and Inviting Living Room

Words from the homeowner: 
"Those rich colors and gorgeous prints stole my heart right from the start – Arianna helped me come up with this beautiful pillow combo, and I love it so much.
I wanted something glam and chic, luxe and rich, and it needed to be welcoming, cozy and approachable since we use this room daily. 
The pillows are so beautiful, and helped to pull my vision together perfectly.
Gold and brown tones paired with navy and cream? Fabulous in every way. "
- Tamara Anka




 Designer pillow combo of rich gold and brown tones paired with navy and cream | from Arianna Belle

Need help choosing pillows?

Click here to learn about our mini design consults.  We'll come up with the best pillow options for you and provide mock-ups so you can visualize them in your space. 


lifestyle photos courtesy of Tamara Anka

by Arianna Vargas

Using an Anchor Fabric as a Design Springboard

In her recently released book, Dream Design Live, award-winning interior decorator Paloma Contreras gives us an insight into her design process. 

black and white chic living room with animal print pillows by Paloma Contreras

She reveals that when working on a new project, early on, she'll select an anchor fabric to be the impetus for the overall vision of the room.

textile scheme paloma

The anchor fabric is typically a fabric that she is very inspired by and whose colors and pattern serve as a springboard for subsequently selecting complementary fabrics, trims, rugs, window treatments, and other pieces.

living room with Bukhara Ikat Fuchsia pink pillows | interior design by Paloma Contreras

Since she typically uses solid fabrics on larger pieces of furniture, the anchor fabric is usually reserved for smaller pieces such as pillows.  Small doses of a fabulous fabric goes a long way towards adding personality and making a statement in the room.

blue sofas with designer pillows

We were so honored that Paloma chose to feature our pillows in her book (pg 77!) and list us in the recommended Resources section. 
Below are her picks for which of our pillows she'd use as anchors and which other pillows she'd combine them with:

Pillow Combinations That Start With an Anchor Fabric

designer pillow chic combinations - how to mix and match
Row 2 - Modern TraditionalHummingbirds CreamOlive Green VelvetBetwixt Grass



For more on Paloma's design process, inspiration and tips, be sure to pick up her book!