To achieve a bedroom that's both chic and serene, New Yorker Erika Fox kept it simple. She used three of our Luxe Cloud Pearl pillows in size 22x22 on her king size bed, then layered two 13x19 Solid with Grosgrain Ribbon Border lumbars in front.

Chic Black and White Minimalist Bedroom That Feels Serene | Arianna Belle Pillows | home of Erika Fox

We love how the white pillows add texture and elegant coziness while the black bordered pillows add an impactful graphic element.  

Erika previously had these on a queen size bed which also worked well because the three larger pillows spanned the full width of the bed. If you'd like the three pillows in the back to take up the full width of a king bed, I'd recommend getting size 26x26 and then doing the front lumbars in size 14x22.