Home Sanctuary | Arianna Belle Les Touches Pillows | Dining Space Designed by 22 Interiors | Photography by Tessa Neustadt

When you surround yourself with things that you love and feel like you, it's a form of self care.

Tonya Leigh, host of one of my favorite podcasts, said it beautifully:

"Your home is your sanctuary. It’s your space to thrive. When you take care of your surroundings, you inevitably take care of your soul."

Notice how you currently feel in your space.

How is it affecting your energy?

Your mood?

Your self-image?

Your self-worth?

By taking a moment to become aware of these effects, you can empower yourself to shape your daily experience. You can decide on purpose that you want to see yourself as a person who is deserving of beauty, who cares about her surroundings, and really cherishes quality things.

You can choose to make simple yet powerful changes, like bringing in fresh flowers into your home every week, or something bigger like completely redecorating.

Whatever you do, I hope you take pleasure in engaging in the beautiful practice of creating an atmosphere of your own design that supports your well-being.


image credit: design by 22 Interiors, photography by Tessa Neustadt | pillows featured on banquette: Les Touches Green and Les Touches Black