Made-to-Order Pillows

How to Easily Jump-Start Your Room's Color Palette

When designing a room, one of my favorite ways to easily decide on a color scheme is to start out with a multi-color pillow that I love.  I look for ones that preferably have 5 or more colors, although those with as few as 3 colors can work also.

Once I decide on that one pillow, I look closely to identify all the colors within the fabric. Then I start looking for other pieces (throws, lamps, art, books, trays, decorative boxes, rugs, furniture, etc) that have those same colors.

Doing this makes it so much simpler to sort through all the options and easily decide what will and won't work. Of course, it doesn't have to be an exact color match and you can bring in as many neutral pieces as you'd like, but by using the pillow palette as an overall guide, you'll ensure you are creating a cohesive look.  

You can also do this with a piece of art or a rug, however what I love about pillows is that they're small enough to take along with you when you go out shopping for other pieces (tip: remove the insert and take only the cover).

Below is a visual example of how a pillow, in this case the Sinhala Linen Jewel, can be used as a starting point for a room's palette:

How to Use a Pillow to Create a Cohesive Room Design

Interior design by Shay Geyer of IBB Design

Product sources: pillow - Arianna Belle Sinhala Linen Jewel, rug - Nourison, sofa - Article Sven in Grass Green, art- Wendover Art, fabric on wall- Genesis Shay Blue by Shay Geyer

To recap:

(1) find a multi-color pillow you love
(2) identify all the colors within the pillow to establish a color palette
(3) stick to that color palette when sourcing other pieces for the room

Once you bring everything together, you'll have a beautiful cohesive look! 

Here are other multi-color pillows you can use to kick-start the color palette of your next decorating project: 


by Arianna Vargas

How to Keep Peonies Fresh

How to Keep Peonies Fresh

Peonies are currently in season and I couldn't be happier because they are my absolute favorite flower.  I picked up these pictured above from Trader Joe's earlier this month. They are the abalone pearl variety which are a beautiful vibrant pink. Of course with beauties like this, I like to make sure I take care of them so they stay fresh as long as possible. Here are some quick tips on how to do so: 

  • Buy them as buds - they don't look as pretty initially but they're less likely to get damaged during the car ride home and will for sure last longer. These ones pictured above were tight buds when I picked them up at the store and they started opening up within an hour. By the next day, they were fully open. If you want to help them along, you can put them in warm water or a warm location. 
  • Keep them away from direct sunlight - I made the mistake of putting an arrangement right next to a window that received a lot of direct sun, and came back to find out they had drastically lost their color and some petals had started falling off. 
  • Store them in the fridge at night -  If you have the space, put them in your fridge. It will prolong their life. 
  • Cut the stems and replace the water every day or every other day - Use warm water if you want them to open up more, and cold water if they're already open.  Cut the stems at a diagonal for maximum water absorption. 
by Arianna Vargas