If you've followed me for some time, you may know about my obsession with French bistro chairs (just the other day instagrammed this photo).  I always seem to be drawn to spaces incorporating this type of chair.

Santa Barbara bakery with french bistro chairs taken by @arianna_belle

photo posted on my Instagram of a cute bakery in Santa Barbara 

French bistro chairs tend to be expensive and hard to find (they're often sold just to those in the restaurant industry) so I was delighted to discover a budget-friendly source...Overstock! I don't have any space in my current home for these, but when we get a larger place - perhaps with a breakfast nook or nice outdoor area, I'll be getting some for sure.  A little round-up below:budget friendly source for french bistro chairs


1salcha grey & white chair, 2hooper blue & white chair, 3barrow off-white chair,

4'paris' black and white bar chair, 5paris chair, 6salcha red & white chair


photo credit: cococozy


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