Streamline Your Bed with this Decorating Trick

If you're craving simplicity, you're going to love this decorating trick... 

home of Ashley Robertson| interior design by Urbanology Designs | photography by Mary Hafner

Instead of doing several smaller decorative pillows on your bed, opt for an extra long one. It's simple, yet highly impactful.

For king beds we recommend size 14x48.

For full and queen size beds we recommend size 14x30 to 14x36.


Click here to view all the pillows we can custom make in those sizes. 


for an effortlessly stylish bed 


by Arianna Vargas

Kubus Gold in an Oceanside Cottage featured in Style at Home Magazine

Our Kubus Gold pillow was recently in a Style at Home Magazine article highlighting a charming Price Edward Island cedar log cabin. 

cedar log cabin featured in Style at Home Magazine

The designer Christine Dovey updated the cottage by opening it up to the gorgeous views.  She added layers to make it feel cozy and a curated mix of elements to keep it interesting. 

Price Edward Island Cottage - the Cordial House designed by Christine Dovey | Kubus Gold pillow from Arianna Belle

Christine says Price Edward Island is and will always be where she feels most at home because she has fond memories of spending summers there with her family growing up.  

designer Christine Dovey in her Price Edward Island cottage | Kubus Gold pillow from Arianna Belle


Kubus Gold designer pillow from Arianna Belle

Kubus Gold pillow

also available in silver and black

by Arianna Vargas

30 Ways to Make Your Guest Room More Welcoming and Luxurious


bed with luxurious designer pillows

Marine Blue Velvet pillow

It's high season for houseguests. Here are 30 ways to step up your game and make your guest room a welcoming oasis for your friends and family:

  • 1- Fresh flowers - who doesn't love fresh flowers? Keep it simple and elegant with one single variety of flowers in a small vase. 
  • 2 - WiFi info - print out your home's wifi password and network name and put it in a photo frame to make it easily accessible for guests
  • 3 - Water - leave out a few water bottles or a pitcher and glasses so your guest(s) can stay hydrated. Put them on top of the dresser or the bottom shelf of an open nightstand
  • 4 - Snacks - put them in a tray or basket and personalize them for each guest whenever possible. Adding a handwritten note is a nice touch and makes it feel like a little gift. 
  • 5 - Wastebasket - This is a simple addition that is easy to forget. Include a liner. 
  • 6 - Magazines - give them something leisurely to read while unwinding. Perhaps include one you know they like, and a local one so they can get to know your area. 
  • 7 - Lots of bedding layers - this is probably one of the most essential things on the list. We all have our different preferences when it comes to how many layers we like to have while sleeping. Keep an extra quilt, blanket, comforter, etc., easily accessible so guests can customize to their liking.
  • 8 - Lots of sleeping pillows - another essential - a mix of feather down and alternative down pillows can accommodate different preferences. Freshen them up right before your guests arrive by sticking them in the dryer for about 10 minutes. 
  • 9 - Big euro pillows - they look luxurious and make the the bed more comfortable for those times when guest are just lounging with a book, device, etc. This is especially true if the bed doesn't have a padded headboard. Use 28x28 inserts with a feather down fill (or alternative down) so that they look nice and full. 
  • 10 - Pillow protectors - this keeps sleeping pillows from getting stained and gross
  • 11 - A beautiful decorative pillow - it can instantly dress up a plain bed and elevate the look of the room overall. Try a luxe velvet pillow in a rich color as shown in the photo above or perhaps a single extra-long patterned lumbar in neutral colors
  • 12 - Blackout shades or sleep mask - in case guests want to turn in early or sleep in 

bedroom chair with designer pillows

Poppyfield Seamist pillow

  • 13 - A chair - if you have the space for it, a chair is a nice addition as a spot for guests to sit and put their shoes on, a spot for placing any extra pillows at night, etc. 
  • 14 - Full length mirror - we all like to give ourselves the once over before heading out the door
  • 15 - Plenty of towels - a must. Wash them right before your guests arrive so that they're fresh.
  • 16 - Toiletries - if you have sample size toiletries collect them all and put them in a clear glass jar for your guests to use or drop some of what you already have available from your full sized (or Costco sized) bottles into beautiful refillable uniform pump bottles
  • 17 - Tissue box - add a cover so it's not an eyesore 
  • 18 - Reed diffuser - good for adding a light scent in the room
  • 19 - Hair dryer - convenient
  • 20 - Robe - nice especially if guests need to walk through the hallways to get to and from the shower. Go with classic big plush white ones.
  • 21 - Slippers - guests probably didn't bring this along with them and it would help make them feel relaxed and at home
  • 22 - Alarm Clock - I have this one in my own bedroom and love it - it has a cool sunrise effect that gently wakes you up and you can turn off the display so that the room can stay dark at night 
  • 23 - USB outlet or wireless charger - give them a place to charge their devices
  • 24 - Empty hangers + closet space - give them as much space as possible to hang their clothes
  • 25 - Empty drawers - give them a place to unpack and feel at home. If you usually use your guest room for storage, temporarily move as much as possible to another room. 
  • 26 - Drawer/closet sachet - place a lavender sachet inside a drawer or closet for a pleasant scent - as a bonus it can help keep insects away
  • 27 - Laundry bag or hamper - depending on how long they're staying this could be really handy.   
  • 28 - Empty closet shelf or closet floor space - give them a spot to put their suitcase away
  • 29 - Iron or steamer - we all know how wrinkly clothes can get after being stuffed inside luggage
  • 30 - Hooks - so they can hang their bags, scarves, coats, etc.  

Hope this gave you some good ideas! Don't feel like you need to do everything - pick and choose what you think your guests would appreciate the most.  

 Save this to your Pinterest board for future reference


photo credits: 1- home of kristen shaeffer / 2 - home of krystin lee, design by jacquelyn clark, photography by heidi lau

by Arianna Vargas
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Jenn Lake's Blue and Pink Family Room

Pillows shown: Anshun Paprika and Blue, Chay Light Blue


Color lover Jennifer Lake recently transformed her neutral blank slate family room with the help of her designer Amelia Canham Eaton. Here’s the before:

Together they decided on a color scheme of blue with hints of pink and then brought that to life with blue striped wallpaper, a gorgeous Paule Marrot art piece, and of course pillows...

"Knowing that our sectional was going to be neutral, the perfect pillows were an absolute must. With the wallpaper, art, and furniture nailed down, the pillows would be the pièce-de-resitance. My favorites? The floral print Anshun pillow was at the very top of my wishlist, and the Chay lumbar pillow has the prettiest texture. Both of them bring so much life to the space while perfectly complimenting the overall feel of the room.” - Jenn Lake

Right: Anshun Paprika and Blue  | Left: Chay Light Blue



by Arianna Vargas
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Designer Spotlight: Grant K. Gibson

Today I'm excited to bring you a new installment of our Designer Spotlight Series, this time featuring one of our long-time customers, Grant K. Gibson.

Grant is know for his classic, beautifully livable spaces and has been featured in an impressive number of publications including Architectural Digest, The New York Times, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, and Better Homes and Gardens. Last year, Elle Decor included him in their A-List of the Best Designers in the World. Grant and his team are based in San Francisco, and love creating unique and personal interiors for clients around the country. 

Q: What’s a typical day like for you?

A: ☕️ Coffee before anything!  Then I usually like to check in with my office and see what's happening for the day. 

Typically my day is filled with client meetings and sourcing for projects. I'm lucky if I have time to pick up some sushi to go and eat it in my car for lunch. Not too glamorous, I know, but it's the truth.  

I am very much a homebody, so when I get home, I love to turn on music and cook to unwind and find something to watch on Netflix.

I do like to schedule myself to work from home at least a few days a week, which is where I find myself the most productive.  Maybe TMI, but working in your PJ's all day kind of feels like a guilty pleasure.

breakfast nook | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: Are there any daily rituals or routines that you feel have really served you?

A: No cell phone or devices are allowed in the bedroom. I can unwind entirely and not be tempted to reach to check what's happening in the world, my email or Instagram.

I also set daily limits and turn my phone off at around 6 pm. I have a landline, so if someone really needed to reach me in the middle of the night, they could.

bedroom with grey headboard, white bedding with black border, bunny artwork | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: Are you a morning or night person? 

A: That's a good question. Neither? I'm better midday and mid-afternoon!

luxury white kitchen with yellow accents| interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: What helps you stay organized? 

A: I have the best office assistants and designers. They completely keep things for all of our clients and work on project management. Couldn’t do my job without them. 

entryway | roll arm sofa in living room | | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: What's a design mistake you see people commonly make?

A: Rugs that are not the correct scale in a room drive me wild. They can make a room seem smaller than it is. All of the legs of chairs and the sofa should be all on the rug. If you want to use a vintage rug, but it is small in size, use a natural fiber or neutral rug as a backdrop and then layer the smaller rug on top.

blue and white luxury living room | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

living room details - greek key rug, tiger print chair, lucite coffee table | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: What color do you never tire of?

A: Blue. I love it in every shade. 

dining room with chippendale chairs with Quadrille Zig Zag seat cushions| navy high end kitchen with marble backsplash | | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: What's something that clients are usually resistant to initially but then end up loving?

A: Wallpaper. I can’t tell you how many times clients have been nervous about wallpaper. Then the day it goes up, I get emails and calls about how much they love it and what other rooms can we wallpaper next.

chinoiserie wallpaper and chippendale chairs in dining room | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: What are your go-to pillow sizes?

A: I like 20x20, 22 x 22 and 24x24 pillows. Sometimes I think people are afraid of making a pillow too big. Don’t be. I think it looks funny if they are too small. 

large Hunt Slonem painting artwork in living room with navy sofa and luxury pillows | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: No home is complete without...

A: animal! I have a dog (an adorable westie named Wesley) and something doesn’t feel right if he isn’t around. It completes the interior. 

black leather chair | elegant cozy living room with fiddle leaf fig tree | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: What keeps you sane?

A: Travel. I love to travel to find inspiration. Nothing else quite does it.

India and Morocco are my favorite destinations. I have been taking small groups of people to both the last years and combining my two great passions, design and travel. Each trip is limited to a small group for an intimate, boutique travel experience, including insider design sources, great food and plenty of laughs. You can see more on my travel page. Why not sign up for the trip of a lifetime?

bedroom with Buddha lamp, white bedding and ornate black wallpaper | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a designer?

A: Being able to work with clients to make their dreams come true. 

white and dark grey kitchen with marble countertops | interior design by Grant K. Gibson

1. Go-to paint color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

2. Luxury candle: Cire Trudon - Ernesto

3. Flower: Peonies 

4. No-regrets home splurge: Artwork

5. Guilty pleasure: SoulCycle, Travel, White Wine - I am totally embarrassed to say, I like Sauvignon Blanc from Trader Joes

6. Pillows:

7. Houseplant: Fiddle leaf fig

8. Travel destination: India and Morocco. 

9. Restaurant or Cafe:  My favorite place beside a cafe in Paris is a place called Chase’s Daily in Belfast, Maine. It's a family-owned business with casual farm to table vegetarian meals with produce from their farm. I go as much as I can when I visit Maine in the summer. 

10. Place to shop for vintage pieces: Chairish, Etsy, 1stdibs

11. Everyday outfit: This is my uniform: dark jeans, a white dress shirt with a black sweater, vest, and New Balance sneakers. I like to feel comfortable. 


    Grant serves high-end residential and commercial clients throughout the San Francisco area, as well as the East Coast from Maine, New York, Virginia to Florida.  To learn more about Grant and his team, visit his website and Instagram profile: 


    Instagram: @grantkgibson


    by Arianna Vargas

    A Designer Transforms Her Living Room Into A Happy Artful Space

    In only six short weeks, designer Jana Bek completely transformed the living room in her new Brooklyn apartment, as part of the One Room Challenge. Here's a look at her before and after:




    Olive Green Velvet and Conga Line Moss and Aqua Designer Pillows from Arianna Belle in living room designed by Jana Bek

    😲 😍 Pretty amazing right? 

    I love how colorful and cheerful the space now is! Jana incorporated two of our Olive Green Velvet pillows and a Conga Line Moss & Aqua lumbar pillow, which work perfectly with the artwork. 


    Olive Green Velvet size 20x20, Conga Line Moss and Aqua size 11x17

    by Arianna Vargas

    The One That Started It All

    I remember seeing the premiere issue of Domino magazine back in 2005 and completely falling in love with the statement making patterned fabric on the sofa - the La Fiorentina Wine and Magenta linen...

    It was then that I started my total obsession with beautiful luxury textiles. I dreamed of one day using that fabric in my own home. As I met and chatted with other design-obsessed friends, I learned that they had a similar desire. 

    So several years later when I decided to start Arianna Belle, it was only natural that I used the La Fiorentina Wine & Magenta for one of my first few offerings - pillows that would allow you to easily incorporate the covetable fabric into a room's decor without a big commitment. 

    Over the years, my team and I have had the pleasure of making these pillows for several customers, including talented designers like Amanda Lee Reid of Mandarina Studio whose gorgeous office is shown above, as well as design bloggers like Elizabeth of The Little Black Door whose colorful living room is shown below. For Elizabeth we did a fun customization with wine piping around the edges and a magenta velvet back.  

    We even made some for two national magazines, InStyle and Better Homes and Gardens, who requested them for feature. 

    All great things must come to an end though and soon it will be time to retire the La Fiorentina Wine and Magenta pillow. Once it sells out, it will be time to say goodbye. If you've been eyeing it, now's the time to get it before it's gone.

    La Fiorentina Wine & Magenta designer pillow



    Image credits: 1- Young House Love, 2 & 3 - Mandarina Studio, 4 - The Little Black Door

    by Arianna Vargas

    Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron

    Today in our Designer Spotlight Series I'm excited to feature Meredith Heron - a Toronto based designer who went from working in the paint department at Home Depot, to hosting HGTV shows and establishing her own luxury interior design company. Meredith has a distinct trend-setting style, eye for color and strong point of view that sets her apart. Grab a glass of wine and get ready for some inspiration! 

    Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    glamorous dark grey dining space with wine racks and asian influences | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

    A:  It took me 15 years to be able to describe my own aesthetic without having to reference other designers who inspired me. My work features on the strong feminine. I am a modern maximalist but first and foremost I see myself as a professional story teller. I tell the stories of my clients using their home as my medium. These stories are rich and deeply personal - it’s how we ensure that each of our projects is distinct in style and execution.

    blue and green living room with mix of patterns | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: How did you get into design?

    A: I was a school teacher when I finished university at the age of 23. I was poor so I got a part-time job at Home Depot making paint. I knew I had an eye for colour but I was surprised to discover that i didn’t need to use formulas to make paint, I just knew how to mix the different pigments. People began to call the store to find out when the redhead was going to be in next.

    I received a notice in the mail about a continuing education program a local college that was offering in design so I decided to take the colour theory class and see if this was of interest. The program co-ordinator took me aside after the third week and said - you need to work on your exit strategy and leave teaching behind and pursue design full time.

    styling details | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    I continued to teach, work at Home Depot and started to take clients on the side while I finished school (3.5 yrs in the evening). Just shy of my 30th birthday, I quit teaching and haven’t looked back since. Within six months of leaving teaching, I landed my first design show on HGTV - Love by Design (Date with Design in the US).

    I went on to host two more shows, Design Match and Restaurant Makeover. Restaurant Makeover was the #1 show on the Food Network and lasted for 5 seasons. It continues to air in 121 countries around the world. Ironically, it was social media that really got my work noticed though….

    navy blue and yellow dining room with mix of patterns | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What’s your design philosophy?

    A:  More is more. Design is storytelling at its finest. Like any good biographer you are only as good as the research and information you obtain regarding your subject. If you are able to create trust, your subject will open up to you and this will yield the richest results.

    blue and grey living room with built ins and ikat patterned chairs | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What’s a typical day like for you?

    A: Drive or bike my son to school in the morning. We are a full time staff of six at my office including my husband who is my business partner. We have set office hours of 9-5.

    I take an hour out of my day Monday, Wednesday and Friday to go and work out with my trainer - strong feminine requires I have muscles and take time for me and my health to ensure that it’s not just my opinions and point of view that are rooted in strength. In the summer months our trainer comes to our office on Fridays to train our staff.

    animal print accent chair | coffee table styling details | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Hiring staff has meant learning to hire my weaknesses in order to enable me to focus exclusively on my zone of genius. I spend most of my day sourcing, designing and developing the big picture for each project so that the vision can be easily communicated to my team and to the clients to make implementation happen!

    I’ve been working on the creation of our new rug collection - completely designed by me. It’s been a tremendous amount of work and learning. It’s for sure like birthing another baby. 

    Q: Are you a morning or night person?

    A:  Neither. I’m optimal between 10-8pm

    dream white luxury kitchen | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What helps you stay organized?

    A: I have an eidetic memory which is also photographic. I am ridiculously organized in that regard because I can see all my notes and I usually know where they are on my desk, unless someone touches the piles on my desk. Few venture to ever do that. My team all are super organized so I mostly let them tell me what needs doing next …. I have a very relaxed management style clearly. 

    black and white bathroom with subway tile, patterned floor, floral designer fabric shower curtain | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: Are there any daily rituals or routines that you feel have really served you?

    A: I’m not really a routine person, but that glass of wine at the end of the day might be called a ritual… that and taking off my bra. That never fails to cause an ahhhhhhhhhh 

    blue and white ginger jars | wallpapered blue leopard ceiling and interior architectural details | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What keeps you sane?

    A:  Sanity is overrated. Working with my spouse keeps my feet firmly rooted on the ground. He’s a nurturer and cooks and takes care of the day to day, which enables me to dream and be the creative that I am.  Laughter is a great release and when those are not doing it for me, wine and gin are my go-to's.

    living room with fireplace and built ins | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What do you usually start with when designing a room? 

    A: I look for a mood that we want to convey and then Iook to fabrics to set the vibe. We then look at architectural elements to really make a statement, lighting has to be exceptional. I know that I have my own rug collection and that I should probably start with a rug, but I tend to leave the rug designing until I’ve figured out the fabrics and often I wait until the room is installed because I like the challenge of having the rug unite the overall room.

    luxury kitchen in blue lilac | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: How do you come up with the color palette for a room?

    A: Sometimes it is the client who has said I love “purple” that starts us down a path. Other times I look at what I haven’t done but want to do and go about collecting inspiration pictures that speak to the mood and vibe we want. Then I look to fabrics to fill that out…  

    luxury living room with designer pillows and abstract art | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What do you do when you have a creative block?

    A:  I step away and I go look at something else. Often I will scroll through Pinterest for fashion inspiration or look on Instagram or revisit my stash of inspiration files to see if there is something I’m missing.

    We recently were awarded a new commission to design this amazing beachfront property in Florida. The clients don’t want colour. I was stumped. I often start with colourful pattern as inspiration and this was just not happening. I ended up seeing a photo on Instagram that triggered a chain reaction that started in my forehead and travelled all the way down my body - it was the use of bronze and gold that just broke the dam and the ideas flooded in. I am so excited because I can now see the finished house in my head. I always see the finished project in my head before I can articulate it out to the client and it bugs me when this doesn’t happen immediately. This one took almost a month to find its way out.

    glamorous bathroom details | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What's a design mistake you see people commonly make? 

    A: Where do I start?? I hate how uniform design becomes - the Instagram trend model of decorating makes my eyes roll out of my head and down the street. Everyone copying everyone else, some better, some considerably worse. There isn’t a lot of originality from what I see in decorating and people are actively racing to the bottom. Trying to recreate a boring neutral version of a big box store…. Less copying, more traveling. Travel informs so much of what I do and has been a huge part in helping my aesthetic become so personal and distinct. 

    luxury bedroom in soft greyish blues and glamorous accents | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What's your favorite type of room to design and why? 

    A: We do exceptional bathrooms, not going to lie - our bathrooms are just works of art. I love it all…. I used to find dining rooms really hard but boy are our dining rooms something to behold now. I work really really hard to not follow convention or trends. You’ll not see a spec of shiplap in our projects. I set trends, I don’t follow them.

    luxury bath details with high end wallpaper and gold accents | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: Are there any design "rules" you like to break?

    A: I always try and add a little bit of ugly to every room to avoid it feeling matchy matchy or out of a catalogue. We will actively mismatch a paint colour to a fabric or we’ll find something that really doesn’t fit a theme and include that because that’s what life is about - colouring way outside the box!

    mix of patterns in blue and green living room | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What's something that clients are usually resistant to initially but then end up loving?

    A: It’s going to cost significantly more than that….

    drapery and architectural details | coffee table styling details | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What's a color you never tire of?

    A:  oyster shell

    grey and yellow bedroom | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What's on your nightstand?

    A: I have an iPhone/Apple watch charging station

    open concept white and grey luxury kitchen | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What's one of your dream home must-haves?

    A:  Heated toilet seats (seriously once you get a Japanese toilet, anything else is barbaric)

    blue and green coffee table styling details with white hydrangeas | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What's your go-to pillow size?

    A: 20x20

    chic living room | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: No home is complete without...

    A: animal print

    dining space with emerald green chairs | Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog

    Q: What’s your favorite part about being a designer?

    A:  Being a designer is the most natural state of being Meredith there is. I get a physical lift when I slide into the zone. I routinely walk around the office or my house exclaiming what a (pardon my French) “fucking” genius I am, not because I’m arrogant or full of myself, but because I’m so proud to have solved a problem or put together something so unique that it takes my breath away. I’m sure really good cooks do the same when they’ve created something that just rocks their socks. I love that - I love when clients walk into a space and say “I fucking love this” - basically if I can make them swear I’ve done my job.

    Meredith Inspired Picks

    Designer Spotlight: Meredith Heron | Arianna Belle Blog | Meredith's favorites

    1. Go-to paint color: Full Moon from Benjamin Moore

    2. Luxury candle: Kimpton Hotel’s signature scent

    3. Flower: lilies - must be scented. They make me so incredibly happy.

    4. Design book: ABCDCS by David Collins

    5. Guilty pleasure:  Montalcino/Brunello red wine

    6. Favorite Arianna Belle pillows: Bukhara Ikat Emerald, Le Zebre Black, Baudard Linen

    7. Artist: Ellsworth Kelly

    8. Travel destination: Italy

    9. Restaurant:  La Buchetta in Florence

    10. Everyday outfit: something leopard, blazer, fur stole in the winter (it’s cold in Canada!) 

    11. House plantthe fake kind

    12. Place to shop for vintage pieces: Palm Springs - shoulder season - end of September, beginning of October.

    13. Apps: Pixelmator, Instagram, Weather app, Vivino - the best wine app there is!

    14. Style Icon: Giovanna Battaglia, Taylor Tomasi Hill

    15. Set design: Catherine Martin

    16. Design tip: You don’t have enough layers, there's always room for more and for heaven’s sake add in another pattern or twelve!

    17. No-regrets home splurge: Japanese toilet


    Meredith serves residential clients throughout North America including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico. To learn more about Meredith, visit her website and social media profiles: 


    Social: @meredithheron and @meredithheroncollection


    by Arianna Vargas

    Designer Spotlight: Jenn Feldman

    Today I'm excited to bring you a new installment of our Designer Spotlight Series. We're featuring Jenn Feldman, a former beauty and fashion publicist, who was inspired to launch her interior design business after her talents were recognized by Nate Berkus. Read on for a fun Q&A with her - she tells us about how she got on a big TV show, her favorite place to shop for vintage pieces, the two biggest design mistakes she sees people commonly make and much more!

    Designer Spotlight: Jenn Feldman Designs Los Angeles | Arianna Belle Blog

    Designer Spotlight: Jenn Feldman | open concept white kitchen living room with blue sectional sofa and mix of designer decorative pillows

    Q: How would you describe your design style?

    A: Traditional with a modern twist. High meets low, the created meets the found. A mix of style and layers to create a space that feels like home.

    Q: How did you get into design?

    A: Totally backwards! I got on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2007 for decorating my townhouse in Beverly Hills. I was chosen by Nate Berkus in a design contest and after the show aired, my phone started ringing - it was crazy! After a successful 10 years in PR, I finally realized this was my time, and my calling. It was always my passion, I just had to realize it was also my career path. In 2009 I opened Jenn Feldman Designs and the rest is history.

    Q: What’s your design philosophy?

    A: Anything you do is everything you do ... details matter. Style is your own set of rules, whether it's the way you dress or the way you live - if it doesn't work for you then it just doesn't work. Be confident in your choices and put yourself in a room with people that are smarter than you. You will always come out ahead!

    Q: What’s a typical day like for you?

    A:  I've never had the same day twice! My mornings are filled with coffee and kids. After that it's off to the races. Clients, calls, curating, connecting, coordinating. If I'm lucky, we get a bite to eat in the middle of it, and then we juggle again through the afternoon. The days are crazy! But I wouldn't change a thing.

    Q: Are there any daily rituals or routines that you feel have really served you?

    A: I love my notepad and starting the day with a clean list. It's old school and I'm sure it would be more efficient to track it on the computer, but there's something very gratifying about crossing off what you've accomplished and flipping to a clean page every day. It's what my first boss taught me 20+ years ago in NYC and it's stuck with me ever since! 

    Q: What do you usually start with when designing a room?

    A: The feeling. How does the client want to feel in the space, and how can we help create that feeling for them?

    Q: What do you do when you have a creative block?

    A:  Pinterest! Art books! I go searching for visual inspiration ... there's always a different angle to see something. You just have to unlock it.

    Designer Spotlight: Jenn Feldman | grey sectional sofa with leopard pillow les touches black pillow and green malachite pillow

    Q: What's a design mistake you see people commonly make?

    A: LIGHTING ... and scale. The most common mistake, and the most impactful thing to fix, is lighting. The right bulbs, the right lamp shades and the right layers of light can change everything. And the wrong size furniture makes everything hard. My one piece of advice is let the professionals lay out the space. Spatial planning is key to everything we do.

    Q: What's your go-to pillow size?

    A:  22" x 22". The bigger the better!

    living room with dark navy walls abstract art and mix of designer pillows

    Q: What's something that clients are usually resistant to initially but then end up loving?

    A: Dark paint colors! It's always a long, scary conversation - then it's their favorite space in the house!

    Designer Spotlight: Jenn Feldman | grey kitchen with white counters french bistro chair stools brass fixtures

    Q: Are there any design "rules" you like to break?

    A: Mixing metals. It's like jewelry! As long as there is a balance and rhythm, there's no reason a mix cannot exist.

    designer jenn feldman working and coffee

    Q: What's a color you never tire of?

    A: Does leopard count as a color?!  

    Leopard Velvet pillow

    Q: What keeps you sane?

    A: Coffee?

    Q: Are you a morning or night person?

    A: Night! Call me anytime after 10 pm, we'll chat.

    Q: What's on your nightstand?

    A: Fresh peonies, photos of my boys, and an amazing vintage lamp.

    Designer Spotlight: Jenn Feldman | Blue bedroom with extra long decorative pillow tufted headboard bench at foot of bed and abstract art

    Q: What's one of your dream home must-haves?

    A:  A walk-in pantry.

    Q: What’s your favorite part about being a designer?

    A: Being trusted in my clients homes to care for them and their families, and create spaces that allow them to live better and feel better every day.

    I love the creativity that allows me to continue to be challenged, and the ability to run and grow a business of scale, with women that I adore.

    Q: No home is complete without...

    A:  The people you love. 

    1. Flower: Peonies or anemones. But always monobotanical!

    2. Favorite Arianna Belle pillows: Leopard Velvet, Olive Green, Painted Check Ink

    3. Restaurant: Le Souflee in Paris

    4. Houseplant: fiddle leaf fig

    5. No-regrets home splurge: brass kitchen faucet

    6. Luxury candle: Diptyque Baies

    7. Go-to paint color: Benjamin Moore Simply White

    8. Travel destination: London

    9. Artists: Josef Albers, Matthew Brandt, Anna Ulman

    10. Place to shop for vintage pieces: The Mart Collective in Venice

    11. Style Icon: Iris Apfel

    12. Everyday outfit: Denim jacket, Current Elliot gray tee, black jeans and golden goose sneakers!

    13. App I can't live without: Waze

    14. Guilty pleasure:  jelly beans

    15. Design tip: Measure it twice!


    Jenn is based out of Los Angles and serves clients all across the United States. To learn more about her and her full-service interior design studio Jenn Feldman Designs, visit her website and social media profiles: 


    Instagram: @jennfeldmandesigns

    Twitter: @jennfdesigns


    Jenn Inspired Picks



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    by Arianna Vargas

    Before and After: Four Inspiring Bedroom Transformations

    Is it just me, or is there something really satisfying about seeing a good before and after? It's probably why all those HGTV makeover shows are so addictive! Below is a little round-up of four beautiful bedroom transformations that will inspire you to make over your own space.

    Designer: Kristin Jackson


    Before and After: Bedroom makeover by designer Kristin Jackson / pillows from Arianna Belle


    Before and After: Bedroom makeover by designer Kristin Jackson / pillows from Arianna Belle

    blue pillows, front to back: Pyne Hollyhock Indigo in size 22x22, Betwixt Indigo Blue in size 20x26, similar blue velvets

    Pyne Hollyhock Indigo Blue Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle  Betwixt Indigo Blue Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle   Midnight Blue Velvet Designer Pillow  | Arianna Belle


    Designer: Naomi Stein


    Before & After - Guest Bedroom designed by Naomi Stein


    Before & After - Bedroom designed by Naomi Stein with long lumbar pillow from Arianna Belle Before and After - bedroom makeover - designer Naomi Stein - Arianna Belle Imperial Trellis Blush long lumbar pillow

    light pink patterned pillow on bed: Imperial Trellis Blush in size 15x25

    Imperial Trellis Blush Pink Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle

    Designer: Megan Pflug

    BEFORE... Before & After - designed by Megan Pflug


    Before & After - bedroom - designed by Megan Pflug with pillows from Arianna Belle

    black and white geometric lumbar pillows on bed: Channels Ebony and Ivory in size 11x19

    Channels Ebony and Ivory Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle

    Designer: Megan Bachmann


    Before & After - a bedroom by Megan Bachmann


    Before & After - bedroom designed by Megan Bachmann / photography by Vivian Johnson

    Before and After - Bedroom designed by Megan Bachmann with ochre golden yellow velvet pillows from Arianna Belle

    ochre lumbar pillows: Golden Yellow Velvet in size 12x24

    Golden Yellow Velvet Designer Pillow | Arianna Belle


    photo credits: 1 - design by Naomi Stein, photography by Courtney Apple / 2 - design by Kristin Jackson / 3- design by Megan Pflug, photography by Manuel Rodriguez / 4- design by Megan Bachmann, photography by Vivian Johnson 


    by Arianna Vargas