1 Sofa, 3 Looks

Homeowner Tamara Anka used pillows to easily change the look and feel of her living room. Below are the 3 different looks she's created. Which one is your favorite?

LOOK 1: Coastal Chic

 Coastal Chic Blue Designer Pillows from Arianna Belle

pillows shown L to R: Les Touches Blue, Wide Stripe Ocean, Huntington Gardens Blue


LOOK 2: Warm, Rich and Luxe

pillows shown L to R: Midnight Blue Velvet, Channels Blue, Les Touches Tan, Shimmer Beige and Gold




LOOK 3: Casual and Light  

pillows shown L to R: Lorna Blue, Chambray Blue Linen, Adeline Blue



1 Sofa 3 Looks | Arianna Belle Pillows
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by Arianna Vargas

Designer Pillow Combination Ideas

Stuck trying to figure out what pillows to get for your living room? We've created seven combinations below to inspire you. Perhaps one of them will be exactly what your sofa needs! Scroll down to the bottom for the links to each pillow shown. 

7 designer pillow combinations that work

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by Arianna Vargas

Refresh Your Home For Spring With New Pillows

Blue and white patterned pillow for spring living room decor | design by Randi Garrett

We're loving this pillow combination that designer Randi Garrett chose for her living room featuring (from left to right) our Mughal Flower Monsoon Blue and Green, Tika Dot Blue, and Chinois Fret Sky. The pillows instantly transformed her beige sofa and brightened up her living room. The overall feeling is elegant yet relaxed and inviting. 

Pillows shown on the chairs are the Wide Stripe French Blue in size 22x22. 

Blue and white patterned designer pillows on beige sofa from Arianna Belle Shop |  living room of Randi Garrett

All pillows on the sofa are also size 22x22 with 24x24 feather down inserts



by Arianna Vargas

Spotted in HGTV Magazine: Leopard Velvet Long Lumbar in Bari's Bedroom

Such a delight to see one of our customers, Bari J. Ackerman, featured in this month's issue of HGTV magazine! Bari used our Leopard Velvet pillow in size 14x30 as an accent in her modern maximalist master bedroom. Shop the pillow here

Leopard Velvet long lumbar for bed | Arianna Belle Designer Pillows

by Arianna Vargas

Shop the Look: A Luxurious and Inviting Living Room

Words from the homeowner: 
"Those rich colors and gorgeous prints stole my heart right from the start – Arianna helped me come up with this beautiful pillow combo, and I love it so much.
I wanted something glam and chic, luxe and rich, and it needed to be welcoming, cozy and approachable since we use this room daily. 
The pillows are so beautiful, and helped to pull my vision together perfectly.
Gold and brown tones paired with navy and cream? Fabulous in every way. "
- Tamara Anka




 Designer pillow combo of rich gold and brown tones paired with navy and cream | from Arianna Belle

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lifestyle photos courtesy of Tamara Anka

by Arianna Vargas

How to Use a Pillow as the Catalyst for a Room's Color Palette

When you're decorating a room, sometimes it's hard to know where to even begin. Next time you're stuck, try this: find a multi-colored pillow you love, then use it as the catalyst for your color palette.  Let's take a look at how interior designer Sita Montgomery did this with our Hot House Spark pillow for this beautiful living room. 

sofa sectional with designer pillows

If you look closely, you'll see that the pillow has several colors that can be pulled out, including blue, teal, red-orange, and green. 

For a cohesive look, it's ideal to use the "Rule of 3" and repeat each color in a palette three times or more within a room. Sita did exactly this. Let's break it down:

She repeated the blue color with a deep blue accent wall, art, a Zig Zag Navy pillow, and blue rug. 

blue living room decor details and accents

The red-orange is repeated with a throw blanket draped over the sofa, a Rust Velvet pillow, and art. 

The green shows up in the green spotted pillow, floral arrangement and greenery.  green living room decor details and accents

The teal color is repeated with a teal throw, teal geometric print pillow, and rug. 

teal living room decor details

We could keep going with some of the other colors but you probably get the idea. I think you'd agree that the way everything ties together is so visually satisfying. 

Hope this inspires your own decor!  

Shop the pillows in this room: 

 Bleecker Peacock / Zig Zag Navy / Rust Velvet

More photos of the room: 

photos courtesy of Sita Montgomery
by Arianna Vargas
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Spotted in HGTV Magazine

Such a delight to see one of the designers we've made pillows for, Veronica Solomon, featured in this month's issue of HGTV magazine! 

interior designer Veronica Solomon

The 11-page spread showcases a tour of her fabulous home, including this luxurious moody master bedroom that incorporates the pillows we made for her:

Veronica Solomon luxurious moody master bedroom as seen in HGTV magazine | black and white with pops of color

photography by Christopher Dibble

The room is eclectic and bold, yet sophisticated. It brings together the things she loves and celebrates her maximalist sensibility.

By incorporating classic details and sticking to a mostly black and white palette, Veronica expertly layered various patterns and textures in a way that looks cohesive. These two photos show other parts of the room not shown in the magazine: 

details of Veronica Solomon's master bedroom


Le Zebre Black pillow  //   White with Black Greek Key Trim pillow

The master bath is even more stunning. I mean, look at that flooring...chandelier...wallpaper...so many beautiful details, perfectly executed. 

master bath by Veronica Solomon | photography by Colleen Scott

photography by Colleen Scott

If you don't already, make sure to follow Veronica on Instagram @casavilora. She's an award winning Houston-based interior designer, mentor, and mother of two. 

Veronica Solomon family in kitchen | photography by Joshua Solomon

photography by Joshua Solomon

To learn more about her and the various design services she offers (for a range of budget levels), visit veronicasolomon.com

by Arianna Vargas

5 Tips to Keep Peonies Fresh

How to Keep Cut Peony Flowers Fresh Longer | Arianna Belle Blog 

Are peonies your favorite flower? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Mine too.

With their season being so short, below are 5 quick tips to enjoy every last peony bunch as long as possible.

interior design by Jennifer Wagner Schmidt | designer pillows from Arianna Belle | Leopard Linen and Blush Pink Velvet
interior design by Jennifer Wagner Schmidt | pillows shown: Leopard Linen and Blush Velvet with Light Gold Piping

1. Buy them as closed buds  - At the market, choose the ones that are as closed as possible.  It's tempting to get the pretty ones that have already fully bloomed, but those will only last a few days in your home, and they're more likely to get damaged during transit - petals falling off, etc. Buying them as buds requires a bit of patience, however it usually doesn't take long for them to open up. If you want to help them along once they're safe in your home, you can put them in warm water or a warm location. 

Gal Meets Glam bedroom with Confetti Cream pillows with Rose French Piping from Arianna Belle
home of Julia Engel | pillow shown: Confetti Cream with French Rose Piping


2. Before placing into a vase, make sure to remove any leaves from the lower part of the stems so that they're not submerged in the water. This prevents them from rotting. 

    Leopard Velvet pillow from Arianna Belle | home of Brighton Keller | pink peonies
    home of Brighton Keller | pillow shown: Leopard Velvet


    3. Keep them away from direct sunlight - I learned this the hard way. I made the mistake of leaving an arrangement right next to a window that received a lot of direct sun, and came back to find out they had drastically lost their color and some petals had started falling off. 

    living room with grey sofa and blue tufted ottoman | pillows from Arianna Belle | interior design by Alex Kaehler

    interior design by Alex Kaehler | pillows shown (left to right): Channels Ebony & Ivory, Teal Velvet, Les Touches Aqua

      4. Store them in the fridge at night -  If you have the space, put them in your fridge. Doing so will prolong their life. 

       bright white living room designed by Stephanie Jean | home of Monika Hibbs | floral pillow from Arianna Belle

      home of Monika Hibbs | interior design by Stephanie Jean | pillow shown: Pyne Hollyhock Charcoal

        5. Trim the stems and replace the water every day or every other day - Cut the stems at a diagonal for maximum water absorption. Use cold water or drop an ice cube or two into the vase.

        Hope you found this helpful! For more decorating tips, click here

        Shop the pillows shown in this post: 
        by Arianna Vargas

        Our pillows in NYC&G magazine!

        💃 Doing a little happy dance over here because our Bengal Bazaar Magenta pillows made an appearance in this month's issue of New York Cottages and Gardens magazine!

        photography by Patrick Cline

        They're included in the story featuring one of our talented customers, designer Lindsay MacRae, and the 1920s home she transformed from dark and dated to fresh and fun.

        This pillow style is also available in Teal and in Grey.

        Want to see a fabric swatch? Click here.

        by Arianna Vargas

        Bedroom Inspo

        We've loved seeing photos of the beautiful havens you've been creating...

        peaceful bedroom in calm soft colors | designer pillows from Arianna Belle | interior design by Perch Interiors

        Bedroom by Perch Interiors featuring our Emperor's Garden Grey floral pillow

        white bed with pops of color | interior design by Melissa Mahoney | photography by Maragaret Rajic

        Bedroom by Melissa Mahoney featuring our Bengal Bazaar Teal and Imperial Trellis pillows | photography by Margaret Rajic

        bed with Hummingbirds designer pale aqua pillow from Arianna Belle | home of Kelly Christine

        Bedroom by Kelly Christine featuring our Hummingbirds Duck Egg pillow



        Left to right: 1- Emperor's Garden Grey, 2 - Imperial Trellis Blush, 3 - Bengal Bazaar Teal, 4 - Hummingbirds Duck Egg

        by Arianna Vargas