5 Self Care Ideas: Elevate Your Hydration | beautiful blue glass with lemon water

1. Elevate Your Hydration 

Use a beautiful glass and add a few mint leaves or slices of fruit to your water. I find that when I do this it makes me want to drink more water versus feeling like it's a chore. 

2. Go Outside

In this era of work-from-home, it can be easy to stay indoors all day long.  Incorporate some fresh air and sunshine within your existing routine by doing little things like drinking your morning coffee on the porch, taking a short walk around the block or sitting in your backyard when chatting on the phone with friends and family. 

3. Listen to a Wellness Podcast or Audiobook

One of the many things I love about podcasts and audiobooks is that I can listen to them while driving or doing mundane chores.  Here are few great ones to check out that will leave you feeling good: Oprah's Super SoulRadical CompassionThe School of Self Image

4. Engage All Five Senses 

Create a sense of comfort and well-being by setting up your surroundings in a way that engages all your senses. Here are a few ideas:

  • Sight: keep fresh flowers in places where you tend to spend the most time, like your desk 
  • Taste: drink healing teas with a bit of raw honey. I love these.
  • Hearing: music always lifts my mood. I've found some good playlists on the Calm app and lately I've been listening to them while doing my morning and evening routines. I also love playing these while working or reading. 
  • Touch: invest in luxurious textiles for your sofa or bed. I particularly love velvet pillows because they're so soft. 
  • Smell: add a few essential oil drops into a diffuser. Lavender is always a go-to for me but there are so many great ones. 

5. Show Up for Yourself Moment to Moment

Whether that's attending the yoga class that you put on your calendar, finishing up the decorating project you started last year, or actually eating all the beautiful veggies you brought home from the farmer's market, honor your own plans and desires by showing up for what you said you'd do. Have your own back.