Make the everyday a little more special with these curated picks. 

9 Upgrades for Elevated Everyday Living | Arianna Belle Blog

1 - Flower Branches - These faux apple blossom branches are realistic looking and perfect for spring.  
2 - Silk Kimono Robe - A luxurious piece of art that you can wear.
3 - Blue Marbled Clay Vase - A great little accent piece in an abstract swirl design. 
4 - Striped Turkish Towel - I have these and love them. They're lightweight and get softer and more absorbent with every wash. 
5 - Blue Patterned Pillow - High-quality pillow covers are a great way to add new life to a sofa. I love the relaxed sophisticated design of this one. 
6 - Matchless Candles - These have a "moving flame" which makes them a great option for when you want the cozy ambiance of candles without the fear of accidentally starting a fire. 
7 - Self-Watering Plant - If you're like me and love having plants in the house but don't have a green thumb, getting one like this with a self-watering system will greatly increase the likelihood that you'll keep it alive.
8 - Leather Wellness Case - An elegant way to contain your self-care routine essentials. 
9 - Artwork - Original artwork is a great way to add some soul to a space. This small but special piece is by Kayce Hughes.