bed with luxurious designer pillows

Marine Blue Velvet pillow

It's high season for houseguests. Here are 30 ways to step up your game and make your guest room a welcoming oasis for your friends and family:

  • 1- Fresh flowers - who doesn't love fresh flowers? Keep it simple and elegant with one single variety of flowers in a small vase. 
  • 2 - WiFi info - print out your home's wifi password and network name and put it in a photo frame to make it easily accessible for guests
  • 3 - Water - leave out a few water bottles or a pitcher and glasses so your guest(s) can stay hydrated. Put them on top of the dresser or the bottom shelf of an open nightstand
  • 4 - Snacks - put them in a tray or basket and personalize them for each guest whenever possible. Adding a handwritten note is a nice touch and makes it feel like a little gift. 
  • 5 - Wastebasket - This is a simple addition that is easy to forget. Include a liner. 
  • 6 - Magazines - give them something leisurely to read while unwinding. Perhaps include one you know they like, and a local one so they can get to know your area. 
  • 7 - Lots of bedding layers - this is probably one of the most essential things on the list. We all have our different preferences when it comes to how many layers we like to have while sleeping. Keep an extra quilt, blanket, comforter, etc., easily accessible so guests can customize to their liking.
  • 8 - Lots of sleeping pillows - another essential - a mix of feather down and alternative down pillows can accommodate different preferences. Freshen them up right before your guests arrive by sticking them in the dryer for about 10 minutes. 
  • 9 - Big euro pillows - they look luxurious and make the the bed more comfortable for those times when guest are just lounging with a book, device, etc. This is especially true if the bed doesn't have a padded headboard. Use 28x28 inserts with a feather down fill (or alternative down) so that they look nice and full. 
  • 10 - Pillow protectors - this keeps sleeping pillows from getting stained and gross
  • 11 - A beautiful decorative pillow - it can instantly dress up a plain bed and elevate the look of the room overall. Try a luxe velvet pillow in a rich color as shown in the photo above or perhaps a single extra-long patterned lumbar in neutral colors
  • 12 - Blackout shades or sleep mask - in case guests want to turn in early or sleep in 

bedroom chair with designer pillows

Poppyfield Seamist pillow

  • 13 - A chair - if you have the space for it, a chair is a nice addition as a spot for guests to sit and put their shoes on, a spot for placing any extra pillows at night, etc. 
  • 14 - Full length mirror - we all like to give ourselves the once over before heading out the door
  • 15 - Plenty of towels - a must. Wash them right before your guests arrive so that they're fresh.
  • 16 - Toiletries - if you have sample size toiletries collect them all and put them in a clear glass jar for your guests to use or drop some of what you already have available from your full sized (or Costco sized) bottles into beautiful refillable uniform pump bottles
  • 17 - Tissue box - add a cover so it's not an eyesore 
  • 18 - Reed diffuser - good for adding a light scent in the room
  • 19 - Hair dryer - convenient
  • 20 - Robe - nice especially if guests need to walk through the hallways to get to and from the shower. Go with classic big plush white ones.
  • 21 - Slippers - guests probably didn't bring this along with them and it would help make them feel relaxed and at home
  • 22 - Alarm Clock - I have this one in my own bedroom and love it - it has a cool sunrise effect that gently wakes you up and you can turn off the display so that the room can stay dark at night 
  • 23 - USB outlet or wireless charger - give them a place to charge their devices
  • 24 - Empty hangers + closet space - give them as much space as possible to hang their clothes
  • 25 - Empty drawers - give them a place to unpack and feel at home. If you usually use your guest room for storage, temporarily move as much as possible to another room. 
  • 26 - Drawer/closet sachet - place a lavender sachet inside a drawer or closet for a pleasant scent - as a bonus it can help keep insects away
  • 27 - Laundry bag or hamper - depending on how long they're staying this could be really handy.   
  • 28 - Empty closet shelf or closet floor space - give them a spot to put their suitcase away
  • 29 - Iron or steamer - we all know how wrinkly clothes can get after being stuffed inside luggage
  • 30 - Hooks - so they can hang their bags, scarves, coats, etc.  

Hope this gave you some good ideas! Don't feel like you need to do everything - pick and choose what you think your guests would appreciate the most.  

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photo credits: 1- home of kristen shaeffer / 2 - home of krystin lee, design by jacquelyn clark, photography by heidi lau